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Gabriel Speiller (He/Him) is a creator, educator, and performer originally from Queens, NY. He holds a BFA in dance from Belhaven University, receiving the Bezalel Award for outstanding artistic achievement, and an MFA in dance from The University of Arizona receiving the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for the College of Fine Arts.  He currently is a visiting professor of dance at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and a board member for the Bruce Wood Dance Company in Dallas, Texas. Passionate about guiding dancers toward discovering what kind of artists they wish to become, Gabriel uses his professional experience touring nationally and internationally with companies such as the Bruce Wood Dance Company, Paul Taylor 2, and Ad Deum Dance Company along with project companies such as NOW Dance Project, Jessica Gaynor Dance, Hivewild, Wanderlust Dance Project, Zion Dance Project, Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement, and Robert Mark Dance to become not only technically proficient but also intelligent beings physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to better navigate a career in the arts. Some of his performance highlights include performing at the Joyce and Jacob’s Pillow. Gabriel teaches throughout the United States, and his choreography has been featured at the Golden Swan Gala with Phoenix Ballet, American College Dance Association, the PNB Dance Film Festival, the Dance Studies Association Conference in Vancouver, CA, the Red Rock Screen Dance Film Festival, the Arizona Dance Film Festival, and the College Dance Film Festival. He has choreographed for Bruce Wood Dance Company, Ad Deum Dance Company, Wanderlust Dance Project, Zion Dance Project, The University of Arizona, Belhaven University, Frank Sinatra School of Performing Arts, Awakening Movement, Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, and American College Dance Festival. As well as performing works by Yin Yue, Garrett Smith, Kevin Jenkins, Bryan Arias, Frank Chaves, Katarzyna Skarpetowska, Omar Roman De Jesus, Bruce Wood, Paul Taylor, Joy Bollinger, Gregory Dolbashian, and many more. 


“I believe that each individual has a unique perspective on life and art that only their body can portray, I strive to look at the person they are now and challenge them to infuse their life experiences with their artistic process to become exceptional artists.”

-Gabriel Speiller


"Gabriel's dancing, ever more subtle and powerful, his inspired teaching and his budding choreographic voice are a source of continuous pride"  

-Ani Udovicki

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

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